One of the ways that we constantly strive to Engage, Exchange, and Connect with audiences and the music we get to play in new, more meaningful ways, is through collaboration with exciting artists who share our passion for making this experience we all share the most meaningful one it can be. We call this Neave Plus(+) and we coudn't be more excited to share these collaborations with our audience.

Neave Trio + Chandos Records

"American Moments"

We all grew up listening to LPs and CDs of artists we admire. So when we signed to the Chandos Label, a label whose sound and whose artists we all have admired seemingly forever, it felt like a dream come true (and still does!) We are thrilled to share our debut album on this amazing label, "American Moments", which features works by composers Korngold, Foote and Bernstein - all composers who came to be celebrated in the US. We are looking forward to recording many more titles for this legendary label and to share all those releases with you!

Neave Trio + Filmmaker Amanda Alvarez Diaz: Piazzolla "4Seasons"

We love the music that we play. As a result, we are always are seeking to find new ways of inviting audiences to fall in love with this music right alongside us. For many people, the first time they hear a piece could be in a movie or during some other kind of performance. With that in mind, and with the aim to provide a window for many people to engage with the trio repertoire, we are thrilled to be joining forces with acclaimed filmmaker Amanda Alvarez Diaz and the incredible dancers Rachel Burke and Rick Vigo to bring the "Las cuatro estaciones porteñas" (or "Four Seasons") by Argentina composer, Astor Piazzolla in a way that's never been done before. We shot the video in the fall of 2018 and can't wait for you to see the end result!

Neave Trio + Blythe Barton Dance+ Best of 2015 San Diego International Fringe Festival:

Critically Acclaimed "REVERBERATE"

Sometimes when you fall in love, there's just no denying it. And we are in love - BIG TIME- with the amazing Blythe Barton Dance Company. After our first collaboration in 2013 (see below!) we knew we had to work with these amazing artists again, who so fully capture our music in their bodies. To witness what they do is nothing short of breathtaking  (and we are the one's sitting while they do it!) When the opportunity arose to perform a Full Length Production with BBD as part of the 2015 San Diego International Fringe Festival, we could not have asked for a more perfect scenario!  The result was "REVERBERATE: Feel the Music, See the Sound" which also, we are thrilled to share, was named the WINNER: BEST DANCE PRODUCTION of the 2015 San Diego International Fringe Festival as well as one of the BEST PRODUCTIONS OF 2015!

Read more about "REVERBERATE" below and stay tuned for the next collaboration between Blythe Barton Dance and Neave Trio!

Neave Trio + Blythe Barton Dance:

The Unexpected "Dance Music"

We first met Blythe Barton in 2012 while collaborating with another dance company and were so taken with her amazing abilities, not just as a dancer, but also as choreographer, open to exploring new ideas. We knew we had to work together on something that would stretch both her dance company and ourselves as a trio. And, to stretch both our trio and her dance company to the edge, we went for the unexpected: settling on Shostakovich as the focus of this effort. With his graphic, rhythmic and sometimes deeply cynical writing, already so emotionally arresting on its own, we dared ourselves in combining forces to see what the we could create together.The result took place November 7- 9th, 2013 as we performed together the Shostakovich Trio No. 2 as part of New Adventurers presented by ArtPower "Wonderland" at UCSD. 

New Adventureres/ Art Pwr! UC San Diego with  Blythe Barton Dance

Neave Trio in rehearsal with Blythe Barton Dance

Projected Explorations:

Neave Trio + Artist Ryan Brady 


Working with new talent is always thrilling. When we first met Ryan, our projectionist, we couldn't believe some of the stuff he was coming up with to enhance already amazing works of art (we first met him on the set of a ballet that he deeply enhanced with his work.) When we approached him about the idea of working together to enhace a piece of music visually, we were both very excited to see where things might lead. We are increasingly excited with the results, which really help to tell the story of the music visually. We will be incorporating our collaborations with Ryan into many upcoming projects, so stay tuned! In the mean time, you can see a small snippet of what we're excited about here:

What we do is about connecting with one another. So then why is it so often the case that concerts are seen as a somewhat stuffy and formal event, where nobody gets to weigh in on the music or to have their voice heard? We in the Neave Trio wanted to change all of that. And so, partnering with composer Amanuel Zarzowski, we were thrilled to launch our very own concert series, STEIN2.0 in February, 2014. It was and continues to be an amazing experience in which our audiences get to truly be a part of the evening and have their opinion heard, texting their thoughts or questions, which are in turn projected in real time on a screen for all to see and share. In addition, STEIN2.0 creates a salon-style experience as everyone is seated comfortably, in an intimate setting, all the while enjoying drinks, snacks and relaxed company; chatting with one another and with us about the music and everything else that is on their mind. We can't wait for the next installment of STEIN2.0! To learn more about STEIN2.0 (and to get your tickets for the next concert!) click below:

Neave Trio + SDSU Symphony:

Beethoven Triple Concerto

We in the Neave Trio always have our "wish lists" of pieces we'd love to play. Sometimes this wish list is more of an "oh boy, wouldn't it be awesome to play {insert piece} someday!" and then sometimes that wish list turns into reality in a moment of "wait, what!? we get to play {insert piece} today? We actually get to perform it?" It certainly was a "pinch us we must be dreaming moment" but yes, we got our wish and loved every minute of performing the Beethoven Triple Concerto with the SDSU Symphony Orchestra and conductor Michael Gerdes. We loved gettingt to explore this masterpiece with such enthusiastic musicians and can't wait for the next opportunity to get to play this work. For more information, click here:

Neave Trio + San Diego Jewish Film Festival:

Story Telling Through Film and Music

 Stories are what make up our lives, describing experiences we all share and forming how we see the world. In any story worth listening to, the emotions conveyed connect us to one another. These stories can bring both story teller and listener, artist and audience together. We view music as a means to telling stories, a way of sharing these universal emotions and themes. We are committed to bringing great stories and sincere emotions to life through our music, seeing this as what connects us. Obviously, stories can be shared through many mediums, and certainly through any art form. When more than one art form combines in story telling efforts, the results can be that much more powerful, and even more fully engaging, It's for all of these reasons that we were especially delighted to be named the Ensemble-in-Residence at the 2014 San Diego Jewish Film Festival. We were thrilled to be part of such a beautiful and powerful event, filled with stories that need to be shared. For more information, click below:

Realizing the many different roles music can play in our day-to-day lives is an ever evolving and ever humbling experience for us as a Trio. We've heard time and time again how much a given piece of music at the right moment can provide inspiration or tap into deeply rooted emotions in a way that words could not. What we have also been humbled to learn throughout our collaboration with Scripps Green Hospital is the profound role music performance can play in the healing process; for those who find themselves in hospital care, as well as doctors, staff and family members of those infirmed, experiencing music can lead to deeper relaxation and ultimately a more inspiring and healing environment.  To read more about the continued work we are doing at Scripps Green, as featured in UT San Diego, click below:

Neave Trio + Scripps Green Hospital:

Music and Healing

Every time we play a piece of music, we try to approach the process as if it's the first time we've ever heard the piece, (even if we have in fact played it many times before!) We've already expressed our great love of the amazing Beethoven Triple Concerto and how it has long been one of those pieces that rested atop our "wish list" of repertoire to get to, hopefully, bring to life one day. Last season, we had the great opportunity of playing it for the first time with the SDSU Symphony Orchestra. This season, we count ourselves extra lucky to be able to approach the masterwork again! This time, we will be exploring this fantastic piece with the California Chamber Orchestra conducted by the wonderful Dana Zimbric. We feel as if we are hearing and feeling the piece, in all of its layers of conversation and brilliance, both a grand chamber piece as well as brilliantly written concerto for three soloists, for the first time and are so excited to be working with such talented and inspired musicians. The concert will take place on October 4th and we would love to share the evenng with you! For more information, see link below.

Neave Trio and California Chamber Orchestra: Experiencing Beethoven

More Neave Plus (+) coming soon!


"'Neave' is actually a Gaelic name meaning 'bright' and 'radiant', both of which certainly apply to this trio's music making."


- Robert Sherman, WQXR Radio


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